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HR West Insurance Agency
Your Health Insurance Specialists

We Specialize in Health Insurance

With over 30 years as independent agents, we know how to

guide you to the best insurance plan for your situation

Benefits you deserve, freedom of choice, quality, and price control

Over 400 Group plans available in Arizona

Quality PPO plans with:

  • Your choice of Doctors (no referrals required)

  • Large National PPO networks (some include the Mayo Clinic)

  • ACA-compliant in every way

  • Major well-known insurance companies

  • At 30% to 40% lower premiums than unsubsidized plans on the exchange

  • And with better benefits, too

To qualify for group insurance, at least one of the enrolled employees must be a W2 employee, who is not an owner nor an owner's spouse, who works at least 1 hour per week, for at least minimum wage.

Nationally recognized Dental plans

  • Large networks of Dentists

  • Freedom of Choice

  • Implants can be included

  • High (or unlimited) annual maximum benefits available

Call us for a quote

Protect your eyes

  • National vision programs

  • Well known carriers

  • Quality benefits at a low premium

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance

  • Low Premiums

  • Very cost effective

  • Covers normal maternity, too

  • Eliminates advances and loan requests during disability

  • High quality benefits for the employee and employer alike.

  • Private and Business owner disability plans, Business Overhead Expense plans, Keyman and Buy-Sell Disability

  • Employer provided or Voluntary

  • Low premiums

  • Supplmental insurance available to employees, spouses, and children

  • Insurance for the business owners

  • Keyman, and Buy-Sell insurance

  • Private or Business Life and AD&D Insurance

Other types of insurance plans for your healthcare needs include:

  • Medicare Supplements 

  • Level Funded plans, Partially Self-Funded, ASO

  • Individual and Family Plans 

  • Short-Term medical plans

  • Accident and Critical Illness plans

IRS-allowed tax savings that benefit the employer and employee alike:

  • Section 125 pre-tax plans

  • FSA (Flexible Spending Accounts)

  • HSA (Health Savings Accounts)

  • HRA (Health Reimbursement Accounts

Ask us how.


Independent Agents

Representing many insurance Companies

and more

What We Do

" I always appreciate your detail, explanations, and kind words. 

You did so great at explaining this to me and helping me along the way. 

Thank you, Thank you! "

K.Z., large group operations manager

Customer Service

"Thank you for helping us find a way to get better insurance.  I couldn't have done this on my own.  You made it all so easy! "

N. E., small business owner

Sales & Consultation

"I was at wits end about what to do, until you stepped in and called the insurance company for us.  It is all straightened out now, and I can't thank you enough."

G. W., group benefit administrator

Problem Resolution

No cost to you (the insurers pay us a commission)


Over 30 years of experience

We specialize in health insurance

Privacy - We hate being spammed, and we assume you hate it too!  If you give us private health or identifying information in the course of normal business, we protect that information under HIPAA laws.  We don't use cookies, we don't do high-pressure sales, and we won't sell your data.  
Notice - This website is intended to provide a general description of insurance plans.  For a full description of all benefits, limitations and exclusions of each contract, contact us and we will gladly supply those documents.  

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